Landing is Inevitable

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I believe I can fly!

After a few times of making my way down the slope and subsequently trudging myself up with my Easy Glider in hand, I managed a decent 35-minute flight, I timed it. Got a good cardio workout. Maybe I should go sloping more often when the winds are not so favourable, lose a couple of kilos in the process. Yeah I can finally say that I can "slope". It is an achievement for me to be able to do it on my own without any mishaps. Of course I was on the more prudent side and all I did was to keep the glider in the air, no stunts - no regrets. If the wind picks up and gets more consistent maybe (read definitely) I will try to do some stunts with my glider. Gotta love that elapor foam, it gives me the unfounded confidence which cannot be achieved with less robust material. Hopefully I can clock in a bit more stick time on the slope before the weekend.

Last Sunday I spent the most part of the day at the BBAFC Jamboree. It was a fun event with high speed pylon races, a heli obstacle course, demonstrations by respective vendors at the event and even a lucky draw. It was quite fun eventhough I did not even fly anything. I was really impressed by a flyer who did some pattern and 3D flying with an engine-powered Fliton Inspire. The demonstration was nothing but inspirational. Seeing a large plane doing 3D moves will definitely not fail to impress. The plane just floated. At the end of the event, I came home with good memories of the day and a splitting headace. Not forgetting a nice FlightPower cap from KP. Thanks man.

"The SunRacer V2. Slurp. Beautiful plane but it really doesn't suit my type of flying."

"The TREX 600 in all its majesty."

"Kelvin's grossly overpowered Multiplex Twin Star."

"Competitors getting ready for the race. This was the last we'd ever see of Kelvin's FunJet canopy."

"Pang with his pylon challenger."

"The champion of the pylon race but he does not know it yet when this picture was taken."

"Accidents do happen and they look like this. It was just not your day, Frank."

I really hope there are more events like this where flyers from all over Singapore will just come togetther on a given day and just share the sheer fun of flying together. Until then.

Signing off

Monday, November 27, 2006

Toy Boy

"Autobots! Transform and roll out!"

It's amazing how I manage to go from one expensive hobby to another. Before starting radio controlled air models I was deep into designer toys and other stuff of the sort. Just last Friday, I took a walk around China Square and suddenly realised how many great new toys there are on the market now. How I wish I could get my hands onto some of them.

This post is dedicated to some of my favourite toys which I have in my current collection. Enjoy.

"My pride & Joy"

Monday, November 20, 2006

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

It rained heavily on Friday afternoon but as quickly as it came, the clouds disappeared making way for clear skies and constant winds. Making it a perfect beginning to the weekend. I started the weekend off by successfully maidening Multiplex Easy Glider (EZG) on Friday evening. The winds was favourable to us, as we had constant wind blowing the right way for extended periods of time. That made it much easier for me to keep the EZG in the air as it was my very first time flying an unpowered plane and it was an exhilarating experience. And it was an interesting sight to see a flock crows going after the EZG, coming close and attempting to peck it. The winds were so good that Wei Yao also managed to fly his 2.6-metre wingspan Manta without running into any problems. There was also a Multiplex FunJet on the slopes that day. Eventhough it was powered it needn't go over half throttle as the winds just kept it in the air. I really like the colour scheme of the plane though.

"Just like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Birds'"

"Manta Ready!"

"Manta Launch!"

"Manta Fly!"

"Francis's FunJet with the cool colour scheme"


"Deft stick controls made easier with purple transmitter rest"

On Saturday, there was a big score of people at the Bedok Reservoir field, most of them training for the upcoming pylon race coming up this coming weekend. There was also some smooth flying by the guys from Radio Control Sports. More of Saturday Funfly reports and pictures from Mazon's Blog (links on the sidebar). I also managed to successfully fly my heavily repaired SuperZoom. It definitely flies better now eventhough it feels a bit heavy but I still have not managed to overcome the right wing drop whenever I do a loop. I'll try figure it out another day.

Overall, the last weekend was a fun one. It especially is when you manage to successfully maiden a new plane.

Signing off

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flight Log 14.11.2006

1. Hacker SuperZoom 4D

AXI2212/26 Gold Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: 10 August 2006
Number of Flights: 65

Most abused plane ever.

2. Hacker Reno Racer: Mini Mustang

Tower Pro BM2408-21
Tower Pro 18amp ESC

Maidened: 16 September 2006
Number of Flights: 12

3. Multiplex Easy Glider

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flights: N/A

Ready and raring to go.

4. Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini

AXI2217/16 Glod Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flight: N/A

This plane is still currently waiting for new servos to replace the old Dynam ones and also going through a weight-loss program. I'm hoping to get the AUW to be around 750g-800g. It has to so that it will not give the current motor any trouble while doing 3D or pattern maneuvers.

Signing Off

Of Super Zoom Maiden and Rhinoplasty

As it happened, last Saturday saw an introduction of another blue and green Super Zoom 4D (SZ4D) at Bedok Reservoir flying field. That makes for three of the same plane with the same markiongs and another one with a red colour scheme at the field. Madflurry (Ben) brought his out for its maiden flight but as fate would have it his motor would start spluttering like an old jalopy when it hits the high range of the throttle. Classic case of bad connection between ESC and the motor. So I then lent Ben my ESC from the Midget Mustang so that he could actually maiden the plane without having the worry of his plane spiking in mid air. Ben's SZ4D maidened without any problems and seems to fly well. Welcome to the SZ club Ben, may you whack this plane to the best of its capabilities.

On Monday, when I took my SZ4D out for a spin, it met with its worst crash ever. The nose of the plane came ripped off, the landing gear area was mauled beyond recognition, cracks ran across the front part of the fuse doublers and generally the whole integrity of the front part of the plane has been compromised. The nose of the plane suffering the most damage and it also seems that the thrust angle has changed to a more upward thrust angle. .Good thing the SZ4D is mainly EPP. Got me some more CA glue, some UHU glue (for the micro baloons) and thank goodness I got myself the CA accelerator. Will have to work on the plane a bit, but I reckon it will come out looking decent after I'm through with it.

Signing Off

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday Morning Fun Fly (06.11.06)

Last Sunday's funfly was fun like all other Fun Flies (FF). Lots of different types of planes from jets, to pylon racers, to 3D planes and not forgetting helis. As expected I had lots of fun flying my Super Zoom (SZ) but it just cannot keep its heading in loops. I have already tested and have found that the plane is laterally balanced so I'm going to change the thrust angle a bit and see how it goes. Hopefully, I can then have a few more left clicks of the ailerons and the SZ will even out. Even with all the problems I had fun hovering my SZ at the same time with Max's Zoom Zoom 4D (ZZ). It was lots of fun and as the confidence grew the closer the planes got and there were alot of near misses, but that's where the fun kicks in. My SZ suffered alot of crashes that day and the nose got ripped off. A little CA and Max's kicker and the SZ was good to go again. I also think that my Thunder Power lipos are also not holding its voltage that well any more. There's just not enough juice and it just seems that the SZ is struggling for power.

Making a first appearance at Bedok Reservoir flying field is the Fliton Edge 540. One of my dream planes. Its pilot, Zheng Yang does a very impressive job in putting the Edge through its paces; long knife-edges, slow rolls and the works. I stilll have to work hard to get close to his skills and I think with the SZ it will give me some forgiving training crashes. Once I'm confident with my abilities with the SZ I will then move on to my Katana Mini.

Yes, last Sunday was fun, but so are all the times anyone get to be in the company of friends. And that's what this hobby is all about: friends and giving your friends a show.

Signing off,