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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of Super Zoom Maiden and Rhinoplasty

As it happened, last Saturday saw an introduction of another blue and green Super Zoom 4D (SZ4D) at Bedok Reservoir flying field. That makes for three of the same plane with the same markiongs and another one with a red colour scheme at the field. Madflurry (Ben) brought his out for its maiden flight but as fate would have it his motor would start spluttering like an old jalopy when it hits the high range of the throttle. Classic case of bad connection between ESC and the motor. So I then lent Ben my ESC from the Midget Mustang so that he could actually maiden the plane without having the worry of his plane spiking in mid air. Ben's SZ4D maidened without any problems and seems to fly well. Welcome to the SZ club Ben, may you whack this plane to the best of its capabilities.

On Monday, when I took my SZ4D out for a spin, it met with its worst crash ever. The nose of the plane came ripped off, the landing gear area was mauled beyond recognition, cracks ran across the front part of the fuse doublers and generally the whole integrity of the front part of the plane has been compromised. The nose of the plane suffering the most damage and it also seems that the thrust angle has changed to a more upward thrust angle. .Good thing the SZ4D is mainly EPP. Got me some more CA glue, some UHU glue (for the micro baloons) and thank goodness I got myself the CA accelerator. Will have to work on the plane a bit, but I reckon it will come out looking decent after I'm through with it.

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