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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Big Boy...

Figuratively speaking of course. Ashraf has grown quite a bit now. He can walk, crawl around, his first word was "cat", blow flying kisses, flag cabs, dance to Barney songs and the list goes on and on. He's also been discharged from going Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) for his bi-monthly development check up. When he was born, Ashraf was so small he was within the third percentile of being the "appropriate size". Please don't quote me on this one. Now, he's out of the third percentile, he's on the FOURTH and that was good enough for the doctor to discharge him. Yeah! My son's not small anymore.


I'm all set for school, Nya-i!

I'm a dancin' machine!

Now that Ashraf is quite mobile, we cannot take our eyes of him even for a second. He's always up to something. It's been a rollercoaster 13 months with Ashraf around but I won't trade it with anything else in the world.

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