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Monday, October 06, 2008

Big Roundup

Yeah, I have been slacking off, not updating my blog. With constant work (Alhamdulillah), I don't feel like an out of work designer. In fact its just pushing me to take on more projects and improving the chances of expansion. Also, I have been out and about with NR and BB quite a bit since the last blog post. A short list of major events since the last blog post:
1) NR, BB and I went to the Zoo.
Loads of fun, but the zoo is going through some major upgrading and not all of the attractions are up and running. Breakfast was fun though but a pity that Ashraf missed the white tigers' feeding session cos he fell asleep. Cute little bugger.

2) Air Force Open House @ Paya Lebar Air Base.
NR really wanted to go ever since I mentioned that there was going to be an open house this year. So we did. NR did a real good job acclimatising BB to the roar of the fighter jets. He was so used to it, he did not want Me and NR's hands over his ears when the jets were off to a screaming take off. Ashraf also had a ball running around Paya Lebar Air Base. The little boy just needs space to run and run. He really appreciates being free and unrestrained by walls.

3) Missed the first F1 race in Singapore.
But we did manage to catch it on TV. Ferrari came home empty handed. Alonso had his first win of the season. Montezemolo had choice unkind words about the track. Boo!

4) I got an electric rc Corsair plough the back of my head.
Major bleeding. Stitches. Bandages. The works. More of this on another post. Grisly photos of bloody scars coming up. I've gotta love NR for being strong to help me clean up the bloody mess at the back of my head.

As you can see, I have been quite busy up and about. So that leaves me with little time to work on my Yak. But I did mange to get two gliders ready for the next season though. More of that in another post. And more posts to come soon.

Signing off,


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