Landing is Inevitable

Monday, April 07, 2008

Slicing through the air

With my new Precision Aerobatics Katana MD (KMD), 3D flying is a breeze. I can fly it low with lots of confidence, constantly dirt flirting. Knife-edge flight are also pulled off with extreme ease.

The KMD really flies like the Flash (which I have already sold off by the way). It's low wingloadings make tail dragging fun and stress free... until of course you accidentally rip the rudder off the vertical stab. It happened when I was showboating close to the ground, low level snaps and tight inverted harrier circles. And as I was tail dragging the KMD, the rudder just got pulled off. Fearing loss of control and an even more catastrophic crash, I let the plane down as smooth as I can. The KMD cowl suffered some cracks and some paint getting chipped off. And the canopy got off lightly with just some scratches. Other than that, the KMD came off relatively unscathed.

I can't believe how tough this plane is. Even before my rudder got ripped off, the KMD actually managed to survive a vertical nose dive to terra firma. A bad connection between the Dean connectors caused me to lose all control of the plane. Some CA and the KMD took off again for some real hard flights. I really believe lots of other planes would have been broken in half. Maybe that's why I just push the KMD and my flying skills that much harder.

The plane may not be fully trimmed yet, but once it is (if its not totalled by then) I'll try make a vid of it or something. Until then.

Photos courtesy of John (P4cm4n@DaddyHobby)

Signing off