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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flight Log 14.11.2006

1. Hacker SuperZoom 4D

AXI2212/26 Gold Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: 10 August 2006
Number of Flights: 65

Most abused plane ever.

2. Hacker Reno Racer: Mini Mustang

Tower Pro BM2408-21
Tower Pro 18amp ESC

Maidened: 16 September 2006
Number of Flights: 12

3. Multiplex Easy Glider

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flights: N/A

Ready and raring to go.

4. Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini

AXI2217/16 Glod Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flight: N/A

This plane is still currently waiting for new servos to replace the old Dynam ones and also going through a weight-loss program. I'm hoping to get the AUW to be around 750g-800g. It has to so that it will not give the current motor any trouble while doing 3D or pattern maneuvers.

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