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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Head in the Clouds

There's still no updates on the progress of the Yak on this channel cos I have not touched it. I've been amazingly busy this past few months and I have to say it's a good thing. Long gone were the days where I could think of packing up early to go for a flying session at the end of the day by lunch time. That's now a distant dream. But it's good flying weekends with good friends. That's what's it's all about in the end isn't it. Meeting up with friends, catching up on the week and fly. A good way to release the pent up tension that has been built over the week.

Since it has been over a month since the last update, Here's the big roundup:

1. Telink Multifun is ready to take on the slope.
My first, new slope glider for the upcoming season is ready to hit the slopes. I decided to get ready my gliders early this year so that I won't be missing slope action when it comes by not having gliders for the slope. This one should be my primary sloper for the season an I think I'm gonna have shitload of fun with it. Aerobatic + EPP. An unbeatable combo for low flying fun at the slopes.

2. Multiplex Park Master 3D
I decided to pick this plane up as I had no 3D plane to fly. The progress of the Yak is slow and time consuming so I got myself somthing that will come together quickly, a handy size, tough enough to endure accidental inverted landings and a genereally well-engineered plane. Multiplex planes usually fits this requirements. And since this is a relatively small plane and I had hardware to fit it, I got it. One of the best profile foamy I have ever flown. I think it is the best one thus far. The Flash comes in a close second. But this one really makes me look good. I've had only around ten flights or so with this plane but I'm already flying low and slow. This plane makes me look good. I like,

The colour scheme is an attempted re-production of Gernot Bruckman's XFC 2007-winning Krill Model Katana. I wanted the PM3D to not look like it was orignially just white and I believe I have suceeded in doing so. If the plane looks good, iit'l fly good.

3. First ever ballet/dance show.
NR and I went to a da:ns show. I'm not a big dance fan, but since we got tickets why not have a new experience. We went to a show titled Copelia. It was the opening show of the whole da:ns festival and wow was i blown away. These dancers are fit and everything looked so good. I think since this particular dance show had a very strong storyline, and a rather modern tone, it made the show very appealing and "easy" to watch. I'd rather not delve and describe the whole show cos that'll be whole different entry. Instead I'll just say it feels very humbling to be able to experience something new. It's always an experience to try something new. It may be uncomfortable but that's no denying that'll it'll be memorable.

4. I've got a new MacBook Pro. WooHoo!
I needed a new computer to cope with all the new projects coming in so I got meself the latest and greatest from the Apple factory line. Ok. Maybe not the greatest, but definitely the latest. It's still in its infancy and there's a few teething problems, but i can definitely feel the difference in processing speed when compared to my work horse: the PowerBook G4 which I got 4 years ago.

Ok, that's all for now. Watch this post as I'll upload the pictures soon enough.

Signing Off,


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