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Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunday Morning Fun Fly (06.11.06)

Last Sunday's funfly was fun like all other Fun Flies (FF). Lots of different types of planes from jets, to pylon racers, to 3D planes and not forgetting helis. As expected I had lots of fun flying my Super Zoom (SZ) but it just cannot keep its heading in loops. I have already tested and have found that the plane is laterally balanced so I'm going to change the thrust angle a bit and see how it goes. Hopefully, I can then have a few more left clicks of the ailerons and the SZ will even out. Even with all the problems I had fun hovering my SZ at the same time with Max's Zoom Zoom 4D (ZZ). It was lots of fun and as the confidence grew the closer the planes got and there were alot of near misses, but that's where the fun kicks in. My SZ suffered alot of crashes that day and the nose got ripped off. A little CA and Max's kicker and the SZ was good to go again. I also think that my Thunder Power lipos are also not holding its voltage that well any more. There's just not enough juice and it just seems that the SZ is struggling for power.

Making a first appearance at Bedok Reservoir flying field is the Fliton Edge 540. One of my dream planes. Its pilot, Zheng Yang does a very impressive job in putting the Edge through its paces; long knife-edges, slow rolls and the works. I stilll have to work hard to get close to his skills and I think with the SZ it will give me some forgiving training crashes. Once I'm confident with my abilities with the SZ I will then move on to my Katana Mini.

Yes, last Sunday was fun, but so are all the times anyone get to be in the company of friends. And that's what this hobby is all about: friends and giving your friends a show.

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