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Friday, August 08, 2008

Unachieved Goals

Last Monday I went to what will most probably be my last trip to the "old" National Stadium. It has been slated to be demolished and rebuilt since goodness knows when. C'mon, they even had a farewell to Kallang stadium event but still it has hosted numerous events there.

Anyways, last Monday Shahedan had two tickets for the Singapore National Team vs Brazil Under-23 team friendly match. Alas, his tickets were only for kids under 12 years old, and he still needed a minder to bring him. I wasn't much up for going out but since it was his first football match and it is a Brazilian team, I knew if I went I wouldn't be disappointed no matter what the result was (unless of course if it turned out to be a goal-less draw, then I'll be pissed).

Well we reached the stadium at around 7pm. The east entrance seats were beginning to fill up but we still managed to get quite decent seats. And lucky for us, we were very close to a contingent of real hardcore Brazilian fans. They were armed with maracas, tambourines, drums and a whole assortment of other percussion instruments. The fans were already going strong with their cheers, drumming and dancing way before the match even started. And seriously quite a number of the Brazil female fans looked like Gisele (Bundchen). :)

They were moving too much, can't get a sharp picture with my camera phone

The two teams came on the pitch to warm up. I pointed out the most prominent on the field, and one of the biggest players around in the world to Shahedan. His reply; "Who is Ronaldinho?" I could net help but chuckle. Well it is his first live football match. Come to think of it, that was the first match he actually watched from beginning to end. He told me that he'd be supporting the Brazil team. I took the patriotic approach and supported the Singapore team, knowing full well that I will be disappointed at then end of both halves.

The Brazil team setting up for a free kick

During the match, I willed the Singapore side to push forward towards the Brazilian goal. I cheered every time Hassan Sani and Lionel Lewis parried the ball away from goal. I got on my feet many times in anticipation of the Singapore goal but it did not come. The Brazilians scored three goals against a valiant but overwhelmed Singapore team. You did us proud Lions. At the end of the match Shahedan was visibly happy. He also said that he could really enjoy soccer after this match.

All in all it was a fun day out. I do hope there are more big matches between the Singapore Team and some other big teams. Maybe a Man U full squad. Or even Chelsea then I can boo the shit out of them. Oh well, till then.

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