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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I believe I can fly!

After a few times of making my way down the slope and subsequently trudging myself up with my Easy Glider in hand, I managed a decent 35-minute flight, I timed it. Got a good cardio workout. Maybe I should go sloping more often when the winds are not so favourable, lose a couple of kilos in the process. Yeah I can finally say that I can "slope". It is an achievement for me to be able to do it on my own without any mishaps. Of course I was on the more prudent side and all I did was to keep the glider in the air, no stunts - no regrets. If the wind picks up and gets more consistent maybe (read definitely) I will try to do some stunts with my glider. Gotta love that elapor foam, it gives me the unfounded confidence which cannot be achieved with less robust material. Hopefully I can clock in a bit more stick time on the slope before the weekend.

Last Sunday I spent the most part of the day at the BBAFC Jamboree. It was a fun event with high speed pylon races, a heli obstacle course, demonstrations by respective vendors at the event and even a lucky draw. It was quite fun eventhough I did not even fly anything. I was really impressed by a flyer who did some pattern and 3D flying with an engine-powered Fliton Inspire. The demonstration was nothing but inspirational. Seeing a large plane doing 3D moves will definitely not fail to impress. The plane just floated. At the end of the event, I came home with good memories of the day and a splitting headace. Not forgetting a nice FlightPower cap from KP. Thanks man.

"The SunRacer V2. Slurp. Beautiful plane but it really doesn't suit my type of flying."

"The TREX 600 in all its majesty."

"Kelvin's grossly overpowered Multiplex Twin Star."

"Competitors getting ready for the race. This was the last we'd ever see of Kelvin's FunJet canopy."

"Pang with his pylon challenger."

"The champion of the pylon race but he does not know it yet when this picture was taken."

"Accidents do happen and they look like this. It was just not your day, Frank."

I really hope there are more events like this where flyers from all over Singapore will just come togetther on a given day and just share the sheer fun of flying together. Until then.

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