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Friday, August 15, 2008

Flowers in the window

So... the day after the Singapore vs Brazil match, Shahirah, Ashraf, my mom, my sis and I went to the Singapore Garden Festival. I thought I'd get bored out of my skull initially, but when I was there it just seemed fun. Almost reminiscent of time when NR and I went out to do research for our wedding deco.

There's just too much to talk about the exhibits at the Festival but since there are numerous reports on it and NR has written quite a comprehensive write-up on it on her blog, I'm just gonna show the pictures I took at the Festival.

The Ashraf Magic Show: Just now he was sleeping, now he's awake.

This has to be considered one of my fave exhibits.

Help me please!!!

Yeap, that was a fun day. And I'm actually looking forward to the next Garden Festival. Flowers are just fun. And all that negative ions definitely had a good effect on my mood. I love flowers!!!

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