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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bedok Reservoir Bloggers (BRB?)

So far, it seems that 3 members of the local flying site at Bedok Reservoir have their own blogs including me. I would like to call ourselves (unofficially) the first three, and currently only, mebers of the Bedok Reservoir Bloggers or BRB for short.

Writing about our hobby also gives us another outlet to enjoy it instead of just being out in the field. Sharing with the online world, or the very few who actually do view our blogs, our experiences, thoughts and opinions. It is way more cost effective and somewhat still satisfying, Still, nothing beats the morning sun on your back, the company of good friends, the wind blowing in the exact opposite direction of what you want, and the whirring of the electric motors on our planes.

Until more blogs sprout up from more our members, I will be trying my best to keep my blog up and running and constantly updated with more stuff.

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