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Thursday, November 02, 2006

High winds, low ebb

My last two outings with my Super Zoom 4D has been very disappointing. The monsoon winds are really starting to pick up and it makes flying the SZ with the Slow Fly prop very very frustrating. Wing rocks has been very obvious in high alpha harriers, the plane seems to be staying in one spot when flying into the wind and it just seems that one wing will just stall when both wings are not parallel to the ground. Lucky thing the SZ is made of EPP, this bird has taken a hell of a beating these few days. An elevator wingtip along with an aileron wing tip has a deep crack in it. I also had a 90 degrees nose dive into the ground and the horizontal braces got unstuck to the main fuselage, nothing some CA glue won't cure. Overall, I think I better get started working on my Easy Glider as the slope season beckons.

Anyways, I finally got myself a Katana Mini, a second-hand one at a steal. It's a red one, not my preferred colour but with the price that I got it for I simply cannot complain. The plane is in a relatively good condition but I still have some work to do to it. I'll have to replace the tape used to seal the aileron gaps, re-file/dremel the canopy so that it looks better, add in a few triangular balsa braces to the motor cage, remove the binding between the rudder and the the vertical stabiliser and I'm also seriously considering changinng to a pull-pull system for the rudder. The servos that came with the plane will also be sold off to subsidise the cost of new Hitec servos. Nothing but the good stuff will be in this plane. It is a beauty. Alas, I think it will only see any airtime only after slope season. Just means that I wil have a bit more time to whip it into shape.

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