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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gliding through the season

Glider season is impending and I do not know if I'm really looking forward to it. Firstly, I have no glider. Secondly, I have no buget to get myself a glider. And lastly, no one wnats to buy off a plane I'm selling to help me with the funding for a glider.

As it is I'm in two minds in getting a glider. Everybody is just anticipating for glider season to come but I'm still rather apprehensive. Unpowered flight? Come on, there is just so much control you can have. And I am a (remote) control freak. I like the feeling that I am in control of my flying model and not dependent on the erratic whims of prevailing gusts.

My plane of choice for this coming season has to be a Multiplex Easy Glider. It's simple build, tough 'elapor' material and decent manouverability is what's attracting me to this particular plane. I believe, given the right conditions and with sufficient ballast, this plane can be quite a joy for in-your-face sloping (loops and rolls nearer to the slopes) or just relaxing thermal riding. But still, you're at the mercy of the winds.

I would rather get myself a Katana Mini (KM) for my next plane. I believe once I'm proficient enough with my current hangar of planes, the KM would provide me with alot more 'umph' to my flying sequences. It's always a spectacular sight seeing a balsa plane pushed to its (or the pilot's) maximum capabilities. Low passes would simply be majestic, while spins will just have the audience at the edge of their seats. If I were to get myself a KM I could actually use alot of the parts which I already have except servos. And support for this plane is also very comprehensive, with the covering and other parts readily available at a local hobby shop.

Well, I cannot say I can complain with what I currently have. The planes in my hangar is serving me well and I do hope they'll last me for more months or hopefully year to come. As much as I would like to upgrade to a better built, but more importantly, flashier plane. I still have to improve my skills slowly. I must constantly remind myself that is not a race to get better at my flying skills. It's the friends you meet every weekend to wind down from the stress and drone of work. But the showman in me will be hard to surpress.

A glider or a balsa 3D plane? Until I manage to muster the funds for either, the answer is blowing in the wind.

Signing off,

I've always liked Leonardo (the turtle not the artist). And he wields two katana blades. Imagine that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey bro,

when flying at the slope, u will require more control yet satisfying as u go out in search of lift. its so relaking just to see ur plane fly by. no sound of motor, just the wind, the plane and u.

u will definitely luv it n get hooked. now that u have sold ur plane, time to get tat glider and get ready. the winds are starting to blow..


Thursday, October 26, 2006


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