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Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally prepared for glider season

I finally bit the bullet and got myself a second hand glider. It's tough, realtively a good flyer and easily repairable. I got myself the Multiplex Easy Glider. Now that I have a glider and have been talking to more glider experts I'm quite psyched up to see all the unpowered plane up in the sky riding the wind and catching thermals. I will definitely miss flying my Super Zoom though but I will have more time in preparing the Katana Mini which I hope I'll be getting second hand. So by the end of the Slope season I will have myself a "new" plane in my hangar. I think it will gather somme dust before it is finally flown though.

The Super Zoom has been an exceptional 3D/pattern flying trainer. I'll always feel that whatever other 3D planes that I'll fly after it will give me inferior flight performance but it always feel like that when you have something really good which has served you well. There are still a few more moves to master on my Super Zoom before I move on to another plane so that I can actually give a fair assessment of any planes post SZ. It has been a really fun few months since I started this hobby and the journey of practicing and gaining new skills is really exciting.

Well, I have been practicing my "Maximum of 3 planes at any one time" credo and it has curbed costs. So I think I will stick to it all the way. But are gliders considered as normal planes? They only get to go out only once a year.

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