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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hitting a snag - literally

In the past week I had alot of flights on my SuperZoom 4D. Been Hovering lower and lower, practicing slow rolls (but accidentally come out as rolling circles), knife edges (which has been difficult cos there just been a bit of coupling). Inverts are a breeze with this plane and even need some up elevator inputs from keeping it from climbing ( a sign of the plane being a bit tail heavy) but it flies well enough right side up too with the proper trimming.

A friend (Wei Yao) finally maidened my Airfoilz Yak. It flies really well without much trimming and doesn't have much bad tendencies. But I was reluctant to fly with my 11 inch size prop which would have given it mad power as the sttatic amps drawn were way through the roof. Around 11 amps through the roof. Will have to experiment with other props over this weekend.

Over the weekdays, I also flew the Yak on my own. It feels very good in the air even though tad underpowered. It just floats and floats and tracks very well. This then got my confidence up. Started doing some tail touches and once I achieved it with the plane right side up without much problems I decided to push the envelope and do inverrted tail touches. And guess what, this plane makes it soo easy. I was pleasantly surprised. After a few passes I finally got the plane low enough but it was around 20 metres in away from me. I manged to do an inverted tail touch!!!! So I gave the plane a little down elevator input to climb and it suddenly jerked and nose-planted itself into the ground. Crap! I went up to the plane and found a stray mimosa entangled in the rudder joints, the tail feathers have disjointed itself from the plane and the nose a bit crumpled. Of course the propellor was broken. This just blows. My SuperZoom takes much more abuse and still stays in one piece.

I went home, did all the necessary repairs and it looks as good as new. I reckon it will fly as good as new too. But I have decided to sell off the plane and use the cash to fund for a glider for the slope season. I already have the SuperZoom which has proven itself a worthy 3D trainer which is good enough to withstand my learning curve and more. Just hope that it will be sold off soon.


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