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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flight Log 19.10.2006

1. Hacker SuperZoom 4D

AXI2212/26 Gold Line (upgraded from AXI2212/34 Silver Line)
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: 10 August 2006
Number of Flights: 37

My favourite plane as yet. 'Nuff said

2. Hacker Reno Racer: Mini Mustang

Tower Pro BM2408-21
Tower Pro 18amp ESC

Maidened: 16 September 2006
Number of Flights: 8

Found a perfect prop to haul this plane around with the current motor setup without excessive amps drawn: GWS 8060 HD. Now it has much more speed due to the higher pitch which is a trade off from the high torque it had previously. Flies very nicely with the newfound speed so tip stalls seems a thing of the past. Just need to get a few more 2S lipos from KPModelSports so that I get to fly this baby much more.

1. Airfoilz Yak

AXI2217/16 Gold Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: 15 October 2006
Number of Flights: 3

Signing off


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