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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's a boy!!!

The picture should say it all. After some thorough scanning at the hospital, the ultrasound operator at the hospital told us that the baby is a boy. Yeah, ain't it cool. Now my wife and I can finally focus on what what kind of clothes to buy, what kind of toys to get and can finally rest easy knowing the sex of the boy. The doctor has confirmed with us that the pregnancy is going very well and all is good.

Speaking of babies, I've got a blue one on the way too: an Extreme Flight Extra. Got it a around two weeks back and I've been slowly working on it. Fixing in the ailerons to the wings and covering the gaps with Blenderm tape. I have put in my order for the AXI2814/20 and the Castle Creations Phoenix 45 for the plane. I am really taking my time with this plane, for one main reason; the motor will only come in by mid February. It's a beaut of a plane and I'm really happy admiring it while its on the work bench.

The wing, nuff said

A shot of the bottom of the wing.

See the blenderm tape sealing the gaps? No? Precisely. It's my new magic tape, very flexible, strong, almost invisible and it doesn't leave any marks after you remove it.

My Katana Mini just won't fly. Or won't land in one piece. I just nose dived the plane into the ground yesterday. Everything is still working and the only damage to the plane is in the motor mount and the firewall. Definitely fixable, but the question is, "Do I want to spend any more resources into it?" The plane has been banking to its right, yes its right even with left full trim, I can't figure out what's wrong, or haven't had enough air time to figure it out. But I reckon its a warp in the right aileron whic I have not been able to straighten out that much. I guess I'll just put it one side for a few months until I get the mood and resources to work on it again. For now I have de-rigged the whole plane and maybe I'll use the hardware on another plane IF I decide to get one. Most likely not.

Ok that's all for now, I will be updating the blog regularly with my build of the EF Extra kit.

Signing off


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