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Monday, January 08, 2007

Au Naturelle

Having not updated this blog for over a month, some might have guessed that I have quit this hobby. Fat chance! It's just that for the past month I have not spent much on this hobby as I was busy flying - slope gliding to state it more accurately. It's been such a blast keeping the plane in the air for more than half an hour when the winds are accomodating.

Lots of flyers lament that slope gliding is so boring without even attempting to throw it (the plane) in the wind, literally. In rebuttal I would have to say, it is exciting watching people climbing trees, tugging at branches with ropes and seeing mid-air collisions (between foam gliders only). Then there's always the close shaves - almost crashing into the trees. How can anyone who has seen all this say that slope gliding is boring? But to each, his own. And when in rome... (hehe)

I also got another glider, it is a Joe Yap buit Micro HLG Bug. All I can say it is such a looker, being hand made and all. There is no laser burn marks on the balsa and the covering was done to perfection and without a flaw except on the base of the fuselage where the covering wrinkled a bit, easily fixed with some heat.

I'm also attempting to revive a Thunder Tiger E-Hawk which one of the guys at the slopes has given up on. It was riddled with cracks all over the fuselage and the wings' integrity was questionable. There was also excessive binding on the elevator, which I reckon made it impossible for the previous owner to fly this plane properly. So far, I have ripped off the covering on the wings, glued some of the ribs to give it a bit of strength and remove all the pushrods. I plan to recover the wings with white monokote and maybe add some details later on... If I get any further with the repair of this plane.

Well that was a summary of what has transgressed over the last month or so. Next posting will be very soon and it will cover more of my ongoing powered planes projects. Until then...

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