Landing is Inevitable

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Unpowered plane. Gliders... not really.

I was helping my mom-in-law clean the store room today and boy were there lots of treasures. I found my wife's unfinished B-17F flying fortress from around ten years ago. I also found some nice small profile warbird planes kits, the kind we used to buy from the corner "mamak" shops for 50 cents. My wife got it from either the RAF Museum or the Imperial War Museum in London. But this is way cooler. It has a moving propeller (which works more like air brakes), under-cambered wings and landing gear. Way cool for something with a wingspan of around 25cm.

Maybe I shouldn't get anymore powered planes but just get these types of planes instead, its cheap, hardy and takes no skil to fly.... Yeah right like that's gonna happen.

Happy Landings,


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