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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hobble, hobble

Two weekends ago as I was heading home after a flight session, which was full of ups and downs, I slipped down the slope on the way home from the field. Slid down hard and I heard a pop. Pain seared quickly up my leg. I thought I broke my ankle. Writhed in pain for a minute or so then this main and his daughter came by from over the bridge and helped me up. Tried moving my toes and twisting my ankle and I could do it. Phew, luckily nothing broke. This kind man helped me with my plane and other stuff and accompanied me to the nearest road and almost immediately a taxi came by. I hailed it and made by way back, not before profusely thanking the man and and his daughter. What a sucky Sunday. It almost made sure of the end of slope season for me. Gotta make sure I don't slip like that again.

"I'll miss this plane. Never thought I'll be so attached to a piece of foam"

Ok a week later and my ankle is still rather stiff but I still had to go for a barbecue organised by John (p4cm4n). I wouldn't miss it as it was an oppurtunity to catch up with some of the friends I have made over the last year from this hobby and not forgetting the good food. I was not let down, the food was great. Had some stick time with the Super Zoom at the field next to the pit and let Durex and Derrick have a go. Derrick managed some nice low hovers in the strong winds and I was impressed. The plane came in for a hard landing though and it broke along an old crack line. Small matter as it just needed a slap of CA and kicker and it would be as good as it was before. Ate some more that night and I have to say the barbecued chicken wings rock.

At home, I stared long at hard at the Super Zoom. It has served me very well. Took numerous crashes only to fly five minutes later. In the end I decided to decommision it and sell off the servos. I have a new Extreme Flight Extra 300 and I think I'll just concentrate my attention to it. It will be my new flagship plane. Just need to get new batts and it'll be good to go.

I feel kinda sad letting the SZ4D go though. I think it will always be like this everytime I let go a plane which flies well and has been through more than a hundred flights. It was well worth the cash spent on it. Today, a fellow DaddyHobby member will be taking it off my hands at a steal and I hope it serves the owner well.

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