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Sunday, February 18, 2007

End of (slope gliding) Days

Dead air. That best describes the wind condition last saturday.

I made the best of it by taking my dusty 'ol Super Zoom 4D for a spin. It was great. Lots of low passes; upright and inverted. Lots of touch and go's too. I tell you all the hours clocked in during slope season greatly increases my confidence and improved my landings. I come in dead stick without batting an eyelid now. I love the slope season. Let's just hope the slope is still there next year cos I have a list of what I want to fly already. Namely an M60 (wing) and a Valenta Model Storm. Both very beautiful planes.

At least I got the last few gusts of wind for this season last friday. All thanks to the bug which flew in almost no wind conditions. What a pity.

Anyways, here are some videos of last Thursday's slope session. We had lots of fun trying to knock down the bottle with the Easy Glider. Ken was also there with his girlfriend and a new plane. But alas it was not too well balanced and its maiden flight was rather short.

With the end of the slope season beckoning, my resolve for finishing the Extreme Flight Extra and the retro-fitting of my Katana Mini has been renewed. Expect more build pictures down the road.

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