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Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh Bugger!

It was a great day at the slopes yesterday. The winds came from the right direction and continued blowing for extended periods of time. Definitely the best weekend of the year (eventhough there were only four so far this 2007) eventhough the weekend did not start as well as I'd had hoped.

I did not get to fly on Saturday morning as I had to attend antenatal class with my wife at Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH). It was kinda boring as most of the information that was passed out on that first lesson of the course was stuff that my wife has already read about and related to me. What was worse, the nurse doing the presentation was just reading off the slides, making it even more yawn-inducing. Nonetheless, trips down to KKH are always fun, as my wife and I would plough the stores and just browse through the array of toys, clothes, food, etc. My mind would, from time to time, wander to faraway thoughts of Bedok Reservoir slope. Alas, as we stepped out of the hospital to make our way down to Raffles Hospital, dark, heavy clouds were already forming and I was resigned to having a Saturday afternoon without a flight at the slope.

At around 2pm on Saturday, the sky gave way and it just poured. And poured, And poured. Bummer. Stayed home and continued with repairs on the E-Hawk 1400. It's definitely starting to look very good with a new covering and all.

On Sunday, on the other hand, was a great day for flying. A big crowd came down to the slope and everybody had a good time. Gliders were staying in the air for hours on end efforlessly. There was a 4-metre glider which floated effortlessly with much of a throw, and the DG-1000 were taking turns to fly. All-in-all, a very good day. Ken (MadFlurry) had his first taste of slope gliding and he definitely enjoyed the experience. Spending at least half hour in the air at any go.

"Ken's Zagi which he did his maide slope gliding run with."

"Dennis with a new Multiplex Evo 9 transmitter which he got form Leo."

"Leo with his Multiplex Cockpit flying his Thunder Tiger Soaring Star."

"Scully with his sexy shorts."

It was a good weekend and I'm looking forward for more of the same in the coming weeks. Until then.

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