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Monday, January 15, 2007

Flight Log 10.01.2007

1. Hacker SuperZoom 4D

AXI2212/26 Gold Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: 10 August 2006
Number of Flights: 120

Fly it hard, fly it low, fly it fast, fly it slow. I'd do anything with this plane.

2. Multiplex Easy Glider

Maidened: 28.11.2006
Flight Time: 3h 45min

Maidened quite some time back and I find that this glider is an excellent all rounder, extremely robust and very forgiving. I have not done any repairs on this plane even after all the abuse that it had to bear. But now I'm flying it like it should, relaxed and slow instead of all the low dives and loops that I have previously subjected it to.

3. Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini (temporarily decomissioned)

AXI2217/16 Gold Line
Castle Creation Phoenix 25amp ESC

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flight: N/A

Maidened, but crashed a few times as it had some niggling problems. Currently decommisioned until I get the mood to fix it up.

4. Micro Bug HLG (JAWS)

Maidened: N/A
Flight Time: N/A

A Joe Yap Aeromodel Work Shop build. Artfully put together and neatly covered, it is safe to say this is one of the prettiest plane I have in my hangar. Mine's the white one.

5. Thunder Tiger E-Hawk 1400

Maidened: N/A
Flight Time: N/A

Picked it up from somebody who wanted to throw it away. It's currently in the re-building process.

6. Extreme Flight Extra 330

AXI2814/20 Gold Line (Pending)
Castle Creation Phoenix 45amp ESC (Pending)

Maidened: N/A
Number of Flights: N/A

Building and waiting for the hardware to come in.

7. Hacker Reno Racer: Mini Mustang (Sold Off)

Tower Pro BM2408-21
Tower Pro 18amp ESC

Maidened: 16 September 2006
Number of Flights: 12

Being one of my most problematic planes I had around, I decided to sell it off. May it serve its new owner well.

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