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Friday, April 13, 2007

Taking it slow

I've been rather slow in updating this blog for a few reasons; 1. Nothing major happens at the flying field: I go to the field, I fly I land and bring home the plane in one piece 2. Everyone is flying so well now and that's a good thing 3. Lastly none of my builds are out of the ordinary and there are many better ones in RCGroups and DaddyHobby (not forgetting Mazon's very detailed builds in his blog).

Now, I have so much stuff to write about cos lots of stuff has happened over the past week or so.

Firstly, the tale of the Tensor. I got this plane from sky Hobbies. I have to personally say that is one of the best planes I have ever flew. The balance of the plane is unmatched, there is no bad tendencies (eg KE coupling), and most importantly its very light. with the CG a bit to the back I did rolling harriers like a pro without any additional counter stick movements. The plane also locks in rock solid into a hover and high alpha KEs are all hands off. It just tends to be a bit weird at low speed; the planes adverse yaws very bad and nothing but coordinated turns will steer the plane. I also fitted it with a variable pitch propeller (vpp) which was loads of fun... while it lasted. On the fourth flight when I already got used to the plane it suffered from a really bad glitch and went into reverse pitch while I was doing a low hover. Nothing could save the plane. I went home tore the plane and salvaged all the control horns and carbon parts. I was determined to use it on another bipe pronto.

I'm currently in the process of building a 3DBatix foameIIx bipe. I decided to go for another bipe as I enjoyed the very low wing loading which equates to very slow flights. This will help me hone certain skills like rolling harriers and rolling circles/loops. I'm now halfway to completion and will post some updated pictures along the rest of the build.

Now Ken (Madflurry) has been very busy behind his video camera and his computer to come up with some excellent flying vids. He does have a knack of editng and putting up an enjoyable coherent in flight videos of all our planes. Below are some of his work. Enjoy.

Well, I'm all tuckered out from all this writing. Will have more updates along the way and I do hope to post more regularly.

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