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Sunday, March 25, 2007

13, the Extra's lucky number.

Since the last entry, The Extreme Flight Extra have racked up 35 flights. I have experimented with the different prop types (SF and E), different pitches. Finally I have found the perfect prop in Ken's APC 13x6.5 E prop. Overall power was greatly improved and the amps draw was still manageable. Going vertical is a non-issue now, thrust on mid stick is more comfortable and still no evident sign of torque rolling. The 13 incher maybe two inches too big according to the recommendation given by AXI but it barely gets warm after a seven to eight minute flight. All is good. Other than that it has been great fun flying the Extra and now I'm finally get comfortable with it. Must have been the bad experience I had with the Katana Mini. But I also got that repaired and its raring to fly again.

I have also finished building the Tensor 4D and just have the servo and VPP motor installation to do. It should be up and running by next week.

Not much else to say in this post except; enjoy the pictures (taken by Ken aka MadFlurry)

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