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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Flight

Today's morning flight session was definitely a disappointing one. After changing the thrust angle on the Extra the plane will still roll violently to the right when I pull up hard. Also my lipo died on me when I was attempting a low tailslide resulting in a hard landing which actually cracked the ply at the undercarriage of the plane.

Only when I got home and after a thorough check thru all the parts did I find the cause of the plane's right rolling tendencies. The left elevator half had come loose and it does not correspond to the right half when the elevator servos are moved. This plus surface blowback caused the most violent right roll especially when I perform A high G elevator manouver. Fixed it up with both thin and thick CA and I'm done.

Went back to the field in the evening and had a wonderful time. The plane behaves like I expected it too giving me the confidence to go even lower and attempting other stunts at lower altitude. Hovers are getting lower but I still have to get the hang od doing KE on this plane. Should be soon enough with more stick time under my belt. It's very difficult to improve when you only have one plane and no flight simulator. Well just have to get the stick time in with good old lipos.

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Blogger mazon said...

nice decals on ur plane! make one for me!

Monday, April 09, 2007


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