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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Engrish Please

I love Daiso. It is the wonderful world of knick knacks, DIY tools, pots, snacks, kitchen wares and everything Japanese-ish for two dollars a pop. The tools there are cheap and perfect for my aeromodelling purposes. But one of the most entertaining products in their store has got to be the paper bags with, I think, English translated Japanese "words of wisdom."

You've gotta love the sayings. But I won't spend good money to get them 'cos it's not my bag baby (pun intended).

I have also thought that it'd be cool to just showcase some of the more interesting stuff that I have stumbled upon while I'm out of the house. All the pictures were taking with my Sony Erricson K800i handphone.

Well that's all for now. It has been a nice break from just writing about model planes. Till my next update on my foameIIx build.

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