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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ghosts of aiplanes past (Part 2)

Being the control freak I am, past forays in flying with China-made toys has left me with nothing but bitter dissapointment. I've had enough of not being in control of the planes that I was flying. Landings were most of the time (99.9%) unscheduled and crashes were inevitable at every flying session. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN! So I decided to take the plunge and get myself a "real" RC plane.


GWS SLowstick. A relativley simple constructed plane. 3-channel controls. Perfect for the beginner. But what's a good, easy-to-fly plane without somebody to show you the ropes on how to fly it properly. So I went to a local hobby forum and asked for help. That was where "Mazon" found me and offered to help me maiden my plane and teach me how to fly.

Since it was my first serious plane build, I did not even manage to finish hooking up the control surfaces before I went off to the flying field. So when I reached the field, the guys there (KP, Mazon(Pang), Kelvin) helped me finish fixing up my plane. Mazon maidened it and I was convinced that I have myself a winner, why? Because it flies and it can be controlled. Pang handed me the controls while the plane was in the air, within 30 seconds I manage to lose enough altitude to be worried about. That's when Pang bailed me out gained altitude and I had another go. This happened a few more times and after I had enough Pang landed the plane nicely. Yeah, this is a winner.

After around a month I fitted the Slowstick with Wing Dragon wings for some aileron fun. And it was, the plane was more responsive and much faster. A month after that the Slowstick was decommissioned and I got myself an E-Starter.


My E-Starter. Loads of fun. Pushed it to its aerobatic limits. After I have managed to overcome the learning curve associated with the E-Starter, I decided to get a better, more manouverable plane. Well after the E-Starter, I tried making my own plane out of depron but it was just too heavy. So I got myself a Super Zoom and the rest of the planes which followed are still in my hangar.


Blogger nonsense_recharger said...

Hey, I didnt know you took pics of the E-starter. Nice.

Friday, September 29, 2006


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