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Monday, September 25, 2006

My Hangar (Hanger?)

With two planes with a 40-inch wingspan and another with a 70cm wingspan, it will take up a very large are in my room/hangar. Limited floorspace, due to my other aeromedlling stuff, has consigned my planes to the walls and ceiling. Off the ground the planes look like they take up half of the room. I definitely need another place to put up my planes. For now, three planes are more than enough for me.

The Hacker SuperZoom 4D has seen the most flight times (and most cras... i mean unscheduled landings) as compared to my other planes. This planes flies nice and is very forgiving in hard landings as it can take that extra punishment and if does come apart, it goes back together in a jiffy with some super glue. I currently run this plane on an AXI2212/34 silver line and an 11x4.7 slow fly propeller. It flies well enough with this set-up but just lacks that extra punch that will bring it out of trouble during low flight manouvers. I will be replacing the motor with an AXI2212/26 gold line and see how it goes this weekend. Hope the results will be favourable.

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