Landing is Inevitable

Monday, September 25, 2006

Am i clear for take-off?

Hello one and all.

My name is RandomTask and I have and aeromodelling addiction. I purchased two planes in the past three weeks and now I have three planes altogether. Slope season is coming soon and it seems I have to get another plane. I could sell off one of my planes for the glider I intend to get, but that mean I would have to sell a plane which I have not flown yet or one which has only one flight under its wings. My favourite plane (which my wife absolutely abhors) is a Hacker Super Zoom. I simply cannot bear to part with it either as it has gone through alot of hard and unscheduled landings (read: crash) and it still will fly like nothing happened.

I started this hobby/sinful addiction/vice in April. Since then, I've gone through a Slowstick (duly gave away to serve a new owner as a great starter plane), an E-Starter (sold away to fund the SuperZoom), a Hacker SuperZoom (faithfully flying hard), an Airfoilz Yak (awaiting motor) and lastly, a Hacker Mini Mustang Reno Racer (only one flight under its wing as it was a tad underpowered and was very prone to tip stalls.) That is just the planes. I sold off my Futaba 6EXAP for a second hand Futaba 9CAP.

I need help before this hobby becomes an obsession (as if its not already).

I really wish there are support groups for us obsessed people. This hobby is a great respite from the doldrums of the busy weekdays but I do believe we have to spend time with our wives and kids and families (our who?). In this blog I will hope to find some solace in the fact there are people worse off in their obsession with the aeromodelling hobby (hehe just kidding). But I hope we can share ways where we can achieve a balanced hobby-work-family life (note hobby came first in that list). So let the blogging begin.

Happy Landings


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