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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to let go

This slope season has been great, albeit a little short. I missed lots of slope time in November and December last year, but I more than made up for it earlier this year. With a trip up to Sedili and lots more trips to Bedok Reservoir slope, I'm more or less sated. With Ashraf around, it's a little more difficult to have the time to go down to the slope. But the best times at the slope are the ones with NR and Ashraf around. I just love seeing the joy on Ashraf's face when he sees the gliders whizzing by. And the horror on NR's face when Ashraf tries to put a blade of grass into his mouth.

Now it seems, that the season is winding down. The winds are getting markedly weaker and coming from the wrong side. My Multiplex Easy Glider has seen its share of action and it's time for it to be decomissioned. A broken wingtip, a fuse broken in two, an aileron which is barely hinging onto the wing, a bent nose and a crooked stab. That basically sums up the condition of the plane. For the longest time it was my go to glider. It can do everything, speck out, touch and go's and even some battle if the situation calls for it. Sad, but it is time to strip the EZG of all its working innards and move it to another glider in the future.

I've got my eyes on so many gliders, we'll just see which one will be part of my hangar for next season.

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