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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Active Ashraf

It's amazing how Shahirah (NR) handles Ashraf each and every day. That little boy has so much energy, I think if we can tap his energy, like how the machines did it in the "Matrix", it will solve the world's power problems. He'll get a nobel prize and we'll be stinking rich... and famous. But seriously, that boy is a little dynamo. It's almost impossible to catch up with him.

Now for some photos of Ashraf shot at 96 a few weeks back. Maybe over a month back. Whatever it is, you can really see how active he was then. And he has definitely not slowed down since.

As you can see, it's quite difficult to actually get an un-blur shot of Ashraf when he's fully awake. And now, he's readily mimicking the actions of the people around him more readily. And even trying to mouth words that we say. It's been a journey alright for the past 10 months. But one which I will not trade for anything.

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