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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sedili Trip 20.01.08

I was very jazzed about going up to Sedili for a slope gliding trip. Mainly because mom's house is just fifteen minutes away from the slope site and also because its my first time sloping there.

Alas, the trip us was not as cool as I hoped it to be. On my first outing with my Raptor48, which flew great there as compared to Bedok Reservoir got lost while in flight. On the first flight no less. Weird thing was that no one saw where it went too. Just my luck... takde rezeki. When flying in Sedili, one must have the initial mindset to lose all your planes. Good thing I developed that along the day so I did not feel like shit for most of the day. Instead I channeled my energy and time to taking vids of the other guys. Bottomline; I had fun and that was what I set out to achieve that day.

Here are some vids of the day. Enjoy.

Landings in Sedili

Mazon's Fishy Adventures

The Day's Highlights

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