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Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Men Flash at Chai Chee Field

I received a call while I was sleeping in the afternoon. It was Ken asking me to join him and Max at the field opposite Block 11 at Chai Chee Road. That place has been like my "personal" practice ground but I thought that it'd be fun to fly with friends too.

So I jumped out of bed, washed the sleep off my face, grabbed the Flash and my transmitter bag and I was off. Five minutes later I found that Max and Ken were already at the field. I got everything ready and was the first to get my plane in the air. Almost immediately I went into my inverted circuits, gradually getting closer and closer to the ground.

With a captive and appreciative audience (Ken and Max) I went lower and went on with inverted tail drags in the grass and tail touches from a hover. Stuff I'd only do with people around. Of course there were the occasional inverted landings and nose first landing.

Max then wanted to practice doing stuff in tandem and I agreed. I did the inverted thing and he would fly right above my plane. Easier said than done. with a small field and different setups for our plane it was impossible to fly in tandem. This in turn led to many unscheduled landings. But it was all in good fun.

Soon, lightning could be seen in the sky nearby and we decided to pack up. I demanded to be given a ride back home even though it was a few minutes walk. They coerced me to meet them at the field... And fitting ourselves with all the planes in the car was a feat in itself. Minutes later we were all compacted in the car and Max got me home in one piece. Pure fun.

I think we'll have more fun "Flash"ing together in the near future. And with a plane as robust as this you can expect more hijinks from us.

All pictures courtesy of Ken (Madflurry@DaddyHobby)

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