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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not-so-Fun Jet

The Multiplex Fun Jet was one of my favourite planes. Yes... was. I crashed it hard just over a month ago while i was doing a full throttle low pass at Tampines Ave 5. Well it actually crashed when i was attempting to do a roll at a low altitude. I just did not manage to "catch" the plane once it got out of the roll and gave it wrong inputs which eventually ditched the plane into a marshy grave. Sigh.

It has served me well enough though. This plane actually made me understand the thrill of flying fast. A different set of skills are needed to fly faster planes as compared to slow 3D flying. Also, I learned that flying with elevons feels very different as compared to flying a plane with a full house set of control surfaces.

Ever since then I have not had a really fun flying plane. The Ikarus Extrema Shockie was a good flyer but it's not very durable due to the thin foam. I sold it off only after a few flights as I came across the Flash, designed by David Kyjovsky, at Singapore Hobby Supplies. I have actually wanted to get this planes for so many months already but the shipping would have cost a bomb. Once I saw it the shop, I knew I had to get it.

The building process of the Flash wasn't the most enjoyable. With very general instructions in the manual, there's alot of room for error on the builder's part. But I take it as a weakness on my part for not being more careful too. The performance of the plane though, is another story altogether.

My maiden at Punggol Field Walk was the best ever. Once the plane left the ground i immediately felt connected to the model. Controls were responsive at high rates and very precise at low rates. Within the first few minutes of the maiden flight I was already doing silly stuff low. The Centre of Gravity was dead on for me at the recommended range. Knife edge flight had a little coupling but was easily mixed out. Point rolls and slow rolls are fun to pull off too. This plane has been so fun I have been putting off maidening my Katana MD. I think that plane will only get some air time next year.

Since then I've been flying the Flash at Kembangan field alot. It's very close to home and the field is big enough for this slow flying plane. Since its maiden two weeks ago the plane has flown 26 times already. And now I'm really getting a better feel of the plane.

One favourite plane crashed and burned and another takes over its place. Life is good.

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Blogger DeepOne said...

You know, I base my mugi maneuvers on what I observe from your funjet! It's becoming my favourite plane to fly, though it's a tad underpowered.

Too bad bout the funjet. Not everyone can handle such a fast craft.

Monday, January 07, 2008


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