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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slacking off

As the title suggests, I believe I have been slacking off updating my blog. With so many things happening I really do not know where to start off again. It's this kind of thing which got me into so much trouble in Primary school. Not doing homework for a couple of weeks but once I'm in the mood and want to start doing them, I'll be so overwhelmed by the amount of backlog I have to cover and get put off. Resulting in more backlog and the cycle never stops.

Ok, enough of me rambling about my school life. Now to more fun stuff. I did a mini mass order from Future Slope Design for a few close friends. We got 6 x Raptor48 and one Raptor36. These are generally flying wing types slope gliders mad of the ever durable EPP foam. Paige, the owner and boss of Future Slope is a great guy to deal with and has excellent customer service. My mails were answered almost immediately most of the time and that reduces loads of lag time.

I was excited when NR called me at the office and said that there's a package for me at home. But once I got home I was disappointed to only see a small box. When I opened the box, there was only 2 kits. Thinking that Paige has mixed up my order for someone else's I immediately mailed him. In just an hours time, Paige got back to me and clarified everything. Relief.

Today, after a morning flying session, I decided to check the mail and guess what? There was a mail from the Immigrations Department informing me that I have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) for my packages. But at least they're on safe shores. Brought home the packages unpacked everything, and repacked them into individual packages for the guys. Looks like something you'd get from the market but who's gonna know? Hehe.

Well, I will most probably start with the Raptor48 build soon, but more details of it will be in another posting. Until then.

Signing off


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