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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bedok Reservoir Slope Pictures

For the past two weeks, the slope at Bedok Reservoir has been my second "office." The winds has been decent and on some days better than decent. And on those days, the people of the slope, have the most fun.

A great addition to my slope hangar this year is the Windrider Bee. It has served me well the past few days and I believe it will do so for many more flights to come. It builds very quickly and easily and flies just as well. With sufficient height the Bee will also recover from almost any mid-airs. I've been trimming the plane to give me optimal performance and I think I'm alsmost there, maybe another day or two of flying it and I can commit and confirm on the CG and cut out the ballast tube for it for greater speed. As it is, with the light-weight setup it's already rather fast but just unable to retain it's energy/inertia.

I hope there are many more weeks of good winds to come. Here are some pictures of the Bedok Reservoir slope action.

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