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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The birds and the bees

Today was a happy, happy day. My wife and son joined me at the slope. My wife's good friend also joined us for a picnic too. The Windrider Bee flew great. The bunch of us with flying wings had a good time attempting to battle. Yeah, today is a happy, happy day.

I really had a good feel for my Bee today. Got quite a number of flights with it, trimming it out, tuning it here and there. And by the end of the day, I have myself a nice-flying Bee. It can be better though. With a few more trimming flights I think I should be able to get the Bee to fly optimally.

The Bee flies really well at the Bedok Reservoir slope. It's light wing loading and excellent design keep the plane in the air effortlessly and gives the plane real good speed. It was a joy doing really hard turns without losing much altitude. This plane can be as aggressive as you want it to be. No wonder there are so much rave reviews about it in RCGroups. It's no fluke. It's real good design at a very good price. The build is also very straightforward. This wing is really an ARF. This is going to be my "go-to" plane for quite some time by the way it performed today. Furthermore it's just plug and play when I reach the top of the slope, no need for any assembly. Happy, happy day...

The two bees: looks fast even on the ground

Ken's bee in action

I'm hoping the rest of the Bees will be airborne soon. Then it will really be a battleground at Bedok Reservoir. That should really be fun.

Signing off,

Pictures by Ken (MadFlurry@DaddyHobby)


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